Go Green with alignment not envy!

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With the rise in the price of fuel over recent years, many innovative solutions have been introduce by fleets looking to keep their running costs under control. However, one area of savings which, to date has been under exploited by many fleets, is regular wheel alignment.

Many fleet managers and operators fail to appreciate the significant savings that can be achieved through more regular preventative alignment checks, instead choosing to only carrying out the diagnostic very occasionally or when irregular tyre wear already clearly shows that there is an alignment problem. Sadly by this time, it’s often too late and the vehicle’s tyres will need replacing prematurely. Equally, the vehicle will have used more fuel as the tyres ‘scrub’ along the road surface, creating additional rolling resistance meaning that more power (and therefore fuel) is needed to propel it along as well as increasing CO2 emissions.
Indeed, tests carried out by two major global tyre and truck manufacturers found that use of the recently launched Hunter commercial vehicle alignment system could save fleets as much as 2.5% of their tyre and fuel bills – a significant saving which few operators can fail to ignore.

In house servicing
Fleet operators running their own in-house workshop are potentially best placed to benefit from frequent preventative alignment checks. And the good news is that whether your fleet is made of cars, vans or HGV’s, modern alignment systems from leading equipment manufacturers like Hunter are capable of providing fast, accurate results, meaning minimum vehicle downtime or added labour cost.
With the added complexity of size and a third axle to contend with, commercial vehicle workshops in the past have typically had to spend in the region of 45 minutes to conduct an alignment check. However, earlier this year Pro-Align introduced the latest Hunter commercial vehicle aligner to the UK which is the first and only system on the market capable of measuring all three axles simultaneously. As a result, a full alignment diagnosis can be achieved in just 4 minutes – a major time saving!

The Hunter difference
While in-house servicing might not be an option or requirement for car fleet operators, a proper four wheel alignment should be part of the service plan. Therefore fleet companies should check that their servicing provider has appropriate access to four wheel alignment equipment. If not, they can still access high quality Hunter four wheel alignment servicing by visiting one of the national network of more than 300 AlignMyCar centres around the UK
By amending your fleet’s servicing practices you too can ‘Go Green with alignment the HunterWise way’. The cost savings alone have got to be worth it, let alone CO2 reductions and more importantly, safer fleet driving.

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