Introducing the new easi iHeat Range – A better way to accurate heat

The easiiHeat at work

The easi iHeat at work

This fantastic and broad range of Italian made induction heaters provides the perfect tool for any commercial or automotive workshop. Delivering rapid and safe heat with finger point accuracy where it really counts!

The range expands from an introductory handheld model all the way through to a robust commercial vehicle unit – All competitively priced, guaranteeing you have maximum opportunities for return on investment.

FAST, EASY, ECONOMICAL & SAFE – Across the range!

    • Fast – Taking just seconds to heat to red hot temperatures it works easily surfaces of ferrous based metals to depths of 5-6 mm
    • Ease of Use – Simply plug in and switch on for non-stop use. With finger point accuracy allowing operation in close proximity to cables, pipes and other heat sensitive parts.
    • Economical – Despite its high power output, it’s greatly reduced working time means power consumption is minimal, making savings of up to 50% compared to gas.
    • Safe – Using a Flame-less solution – No naked flame or excessive heat. The heat is generated within the metal at the applied point, to temperatures of between 400-600 oC (dependent on model) making easy work of straightening, bending and freeing off operations

All units are fitted with special Isolating transformers and offer the maximum protection for the operator. All Systems have an audible signal that indicates when the machine is on and in use.The products have been rigorously tested and conform fully to European Standard and certification.

See how the easi iHeat works…

Practical and useful applications of the easi iHeat

The easi iHeat 12
11KW – 16Amp – 380 – 400V/115v 3PH 50/60Hz
Heats an area 40 x40 x16mm to red hot approx. 1000 oC in 6 seconds

      • Removal of shock absorbers
      • Application on brake pipes
      • Removing suspension
      • Straightening or bending springs
      • Straightening rigid axles
      • Chassis straightening
      • Unlock spherical joints
      • Removing paints
      • Straightening sheets
      • Straightening drive shafts
      • Straightening rods
      • Removing cast posts
      • Preheating for welding
      • Freeing off bolts
      • Freeing off wheel bolts
      • Freeing off silencers
      • Freeing off the Lambda sensor
      • Strengthening steels

To find out more about the easi iHeat range and how it can help your business please call 01327 323007

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