Mercedes-Benz Approve Hunter’s commercial vehicle aligner


Approved Hunter HTA-MBHD delivers rapid simultaneous 3 axle alignment measurements

Approved Hunter HTA-MBHD delivers rapid HGV alignments

Mercedes-Benz has given its seal of approval to Hunter’s three axle commercial vehicle alignment system (HTA-MBHD).

Hunter has been working closely with Mercedes-Benz over a number of months to produce the most technologically advanced commercial vehicle wheel alignment system available on the market today. The culmination of this work is the approval by Mercedes-Benz for use of the aligner throughout its network of dealer workshops worldwide. This important announcement means that system has been rigorously and extensively tested, including field testing at Hallschlag, and that Mercedes is confident that it meets its latest, exacting equipment standards, setting a totally new benchmark in the process.

For full compliance with Mercedes-Benz procedures for HGV’s, the Hunter aligner is capable of measuring wheel alignment angles relative to the vehicle’s chassis centre line, using the frame reference mode, as well as to the thrustline of the rear axle, using the axle reference mode.

The wireless system requires users to attach sensors to six of the vehicle’s wheels. Jacking of the vehicle is not required as the important rolling compensation is carried out in one short roll of the vehicle, with Hunter’s unique EasiPush.

Mercedes Benz Approve the Hunter commercial vehicle aligner

Need to align a Mercedes-Benz HGV or van? The Hunter HTA-MBHD measures them all


Live readings are transmitted from the sensors to the system console with results presented in a clear, easy to understand printable format or electronically by email and online via HunterNet.

The new aligner is even suitable for workshops that do not benefit from a perfect level floor. The system’s floor slope mapping and memorising capability allows individual work bays to be mapped and memorised. This means that the aligner can be moved regularly between multiple bays and deliver accurate and precise measurements without the hassle or use of additional measuring devices to compensate readings.

The launch of Hunter’s Approved HTA-MBHD commercial vehicle wheel alignment system, provides dealers with a rapid wheel alignment measurement system perfect for HGV (incl twin steer), coaches, and buses but can also be used to measure the rest Mercedes-Benz light commercial vehicles fleet as well.

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