HTA-MBHD Mercedes-Benz Approved Alignment System

commercial vehicle aligner

HTA-MBHD Mercedes-Benz Approved Alignment System

HTA-MBHD Commercial Aligner

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QuickCheck Truck System on Floor

HTA-MBHD Approved Alignment System

Approved by Mercedes-Benz

The Hunter HTA-MBHD commercial wheel aligner is now approved for use in Mercedes Benz workshops throughout the world. The system not only meets but fully conforms to the newest workshop equipment requirement specifications for Mercedes-Benz service operations.

  • Mercedes-Benz approved commercial aligner
  • Measures 3 axles simultaneously in a 3 minute Quick Check
  • High precision wireless sensors
  • Rolling compensation with Hunter’s vehicle pusher
  • Measurement relative to – Frame centre line & Axle reference
  • Measurement of Caster, SAI, Tow out on turns , maximum steer angles on twin steer
  • Bay Characterisation



The HTA-MBHD system is the ’First’ and ‘ONLY’, in the industry, capable of measuring 3 axles (six wheels) simultaneously (as well as other axle combinations), with a rolling compensation to deliver a Quick Check in 3 minutes or a full alignment diagnosis in 4+ minutes ( depending on vehicle and alignment procedure required) Hunter have worked closely with Mercedes-Benz to develop customised software to provide; ‘Frame reference mode’ measures angles relative to chassis/body centre line, whilst the ‘Axle Reference mode’ measures angles relative to thrust line of rear reference axle.

The HTA-MBHD provides vehicle data to enable wheel alignment servicing across the whole Mercedes-Benz commercial range from Actros tractor units, Atego trucks, utility vehicles, buses right down to MB Sprinter and Citan vans. Other non Mercedes-Benz brand can also be measured and aligned

Mercedes-Benz has announced that due to the changes made in the wheel alignment workshop equipment requirements, any previously approved or listed commercial wheel aligners in EPC ( Electronic Parts Catalogue) and WIS ( Work Information System) have now been removed.  Any commercial wheel alignment equipment purchases going forward need to be the Hunter HTA-MBHD.

Download your copy of the HTA-MBHD Mercedes-Benz specification sheet in PDF format